NEPANTLA: a space in between


Undergraduate Savannah College of Art and Design student Lucía Ortiz is calling on artists to submit work for her upcoming group exhibition: Nepantla: a space in between. The exhibition will take place on June 3rd – 5th, 2016, at the Welmont Gallery in Savannah, GA. This show is open to all SCAD students from any major, from fine arts to architecture, from writing to service design; work of all media is accepted and encouraged!

Interested in showcasing your work? Please review the Call to Artists below for more information.


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Call for Artists

Call to Artists PDF – Download

Student Show
Application deadline – May 20th, 2016

June 3rd – 5th, 2016
Opening on Friday, June 3rd @ 6pm
Welmont Gallery ­– 1930 Montgomery St. Savannah, GA

All artwork must be delivered in person at the gallery on June 2nd between 5 and 9 pm.

The scope of the exhibition addresses the globally widespread concerns about immigration, identity, displacement, and segregation that converge upon our contemporary moment. It seeks to assess the boundaries- or borders- of political, social, and cultural dichotomies that affect our everyday lives. The use of social media is our generation’s primary platform for social engagement- our own version of modern activism. It is at once a vehicle for globalization, and an enabler of detached communication. The goal of this exhibition is to provide a platform where social engagement can exist, encouraging a critical discourse within art students of diverse nationalities, ethnicities, ages, and vocations.
Nepantla is a Nahuatl term— the ancient language of Aztec origin still used today by several native populations of Mexico. It indicates a concept of being “in the middle of” (different cultures, as traditionally meant by colonized Aztecs). In the arts, nepantla encompasses historical and spiritual aspects of life when being caught between literal or metaphorical crossroads. Historically, it has also been identified with painful experiences, relating to a personal state of invisibility and displacement. Understanding nepantla as a space of “in-between-ness”- where opposing ideas are viewed at the same time- we must question where boundaries within ourselves can be found, and how our personal borders interact with our surrounding environments.
As potential global leaders, we must find and promote an understanding of the diaspora of people, cultures, and ideas that is being felt worldwide. With nepantla in mind, this show seeks to bring collaborative efforts together to showcase how today’s art students are working in the midst of a disrupted socio-political sphere. If we dissect who we are now, where we come from, and where we are going, we can begin to expunge societal boundaries and emerge as a unified, human community.

To submit artwork you will need to fill out the information sheet posted on the Facebook page, and submit it digitally along with a hi-res (75 to 300 dpi, Jpeg or PDF) photo of the artwork(s) you want considered to: ortizsimonlucia@gmail.com.
We want to promote you! Please provide a brief (2-5 sentences) description of the work and its relation to the aforementioned text, along with a brief  your website and contact information. You may also include a brief “about me” section. Artwork will not be for sale at the exhibition, but if anyone is interested in buying your work they can contact you directly.
All artwork must be delivered and picked up at the gallery. Deliveries must be made at the gallery on Thursday, June 2nd, between 5 – 9pm. Pickups must be made at the gallery on Monday, June 6th, between 11 am – 8pm. If you cannot make these time slots, please contact Lucía or Pablo to make other arrangements.
If you have any questions please contact:
Lucía Ortiz (curator) at ortizsimonlucia@gmail.com, (912-508-4209);
Pablo Ramirez (project manager) at pabloram8@gmail.com, (843-441-9989);
Paulina Antillón (project manager) at ­­ pantillon.93@gmail.com, (912-257-5759).
In an effort to be all-inclusive,Lucía is not charging an application fee. However, please help her fund this project by donating at: gofundme.com/nepantlaexhibit. Thank you!
About the curator
Lucía Ortiz is an undergraduate SCAD student from Mexico City, who is graduating this June. She will receive a BFA in Illustration along with a minor in Printmaking and a minor in Art History. She has interned at multiple galleries, including Richard Telles Thomas Duncan, and Hannah Hoffman. She also interned for Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE), a non-profit art organization and gallery founded in 1978. Lucía has participated in several student shows, and exhibited work at Appearances: Eco-Art Festival in Massachusetts. This exhibition serves as a thesis to her Printmaking minor, in the form of an independent study. Lucía plans to continue her studies through an MA in Curatorial Practices and an MFA in Printmaking. Her goal is to fund a non-profit organization and printmaking studio that brings developing artists from underrepresented communities into contemporary markets.

Information Sheet

Information Sheet PDF – Download

 Artist Information

 Name of artist:



Major (include minors):

Year of expected graduation:

Email:                                                                                    Phone no:

Website and/or instagram:


Artwork Information 

Number of artworks submitted:

For each artwork please provide the following:



Dimensions (inches):

Year of completion:

Additional information: Please indicate if there are any display requirements for your artwork.

Please provide a brief (2-5 sentences) description of each work and how it relates to the theme of the exhibition.



Please complete this format and send it to: ortizsimonlucia@gmail.com by May 20th, 2016, along with a digital copy (300 dpi, JPEG or PDF) of each submitted artwork.

All artwork must be dropped off and picked up directly at:

Welmont Gallery (1930 Montgomery St.)

Artwork drop-off: Thursday, June 2nd between 5 and 9pm.

Artwork pick-up: Monday, June 6th, between 11am and 8pm.

*If you cannot deliver/pickup your work at these times contact us and we can make another arrangement.

**We highly encourage artists to frame their 2D artworks. If this is not possible please make sure to have your work displayed professionally.


Please address any questions or concerns to Lucía Ortiz, at ortizsimonlucia@gmail.com, (912-508-4209) or Pablo Ramirez at pabloram8@gmail.com, (843-441-9989).